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With this agreement, it is arranged between Guide Property Gayrimenkul Limited Şirketi (hereinafter referred to as Globerry) and the user and member of the web site (hereinafter referred to as the user). Provided that the regulations regarding public order are separate, If all other private law articles conflict with the following regulations, they have been signed by the parties with the acceptance that they have changed according to the text of the article.

The site will be used by persons of legal age, and the damages that may arise due to contrary use will be recourse.


The terms of use of, all rights of which belong to Globerry, are regulated by the user. The terms of use agreement applies to all persons who are both members and non-members but visit the web page linked above.

Access to all or part of the site may be restricted or stopped altogether at any time by Globerry.

Terms of Use Agreement may be expanded or restricted by Globerry at any time; Additions to the contract can be made any time or clauses can be removed from the contract.


The website has been established for the purpose of the communication between the parties for the sale and acquisition of real estate by Globerry. And can not be used for any other purpose other than this purpose. The terms of Globerry's brokerage service payments will also be determined by the contract. The purpose of use of the site may be completely changed or developed and restricted according to the scope of business development of Globerry. Again, changes can be made on each link as desired by Globerry. The occurrence of such situations does not constitute a justification for the termination of the contract.


The user may not engage in acts contrary to the international and national criminal provisions in a manner contrary to the purpose through the site. It is assumed that the user knows the criminal laws of the country of his nationality, the Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation and the laws of person who’s on the other part of the agreement. His/Her’s defense that he/she does not know these laws is not accepted. The damage caused by prohibited actions will be recoursed to the user.

The user shall not act in a manner that would usurp the rights of third parties on the relevant site. Even if such actions are damaged, the site has no responsibility..

The site may contain links and hyperlinks to third party websites. In this case, the responsibility of the site reached is not Globerry company. The user is deemed to have taken his own responsibility by accessing each link or hyperlink.

It is accepted and declared by the parties that all kinds of behaviors that prevent property will be avoided during site visits. In this context, the user or member will not use computer programs such as viruses, trojans, time bombs, will not put them on the site and will not install them.

Globerry is not responsible for any damages that may arise due to sudden attacks against the site. Although maximum work has been done within the scope of site security, virus et al. Globerry is not responsible for any damages that may ocur due to viruses etc.


Globerry is not responsible if the real estate offered by Globerry is removed from the sale, lease (all kinds of offering) by the seller. If Globerry company finds out the situation, it removes the offer from the page. In this case, no harm can be claimed.

Goberry company is not responsible if any request created by the user or member for the purpose of purchasing, renting (all kinds of requests) is eliminated by the service buyer candidate. If Globerry company finds out the situation, it removes the request from the page. In this case, no harm can be claimed.

In both cases, even though there is no harm/loss in terms of Globerry, both the supply and the demander pay the contract price that Globerry company deserves due to loss of work. This is determined separately by the contract.


The offers on the site are valid only duration of the offer and will automatically disappear if the period expires. Again, if the relevant proposals are published in definitely, they are limited in the number. Here the number of offers is also determined by Globerry. Offers that are not limited by duration and number are not binding for Globerry. In such cases, the erroneous publication is mentioned. If Globerry has submitted a proposal with a time and number limit, the offer may automatically remove it even if the limits in these parameters can not be reached if it deems it necessary.


If the user is a member of the site or wants to receive service from the site, he is deemed to be bound by the confidentiality agreement, detailed below as soon as the information about the real estate offered for sale on the site is given. If these conditions occur, the user can not purchase the relevant real estate with unfair actions that exclude the Globerry company.



All kinds of real estate information and data disclosed to the user and member defined by confidentiality in the contract, all kinds of innovations that are or not subject to other legal protection or ideas related to the business development project, and all written or verbal commercial, financial, technical information and speech to be learned during the work. information is considered as confidential.


a) The information, documents, company name, title and other information and documents related to the companies working out side the contract are confidential. And for this reason, it accepts and undertakes that they will only know as much as the user and the member need to know as required by the work and that these information and documentswill not be disclosed to the 3rd realand / or legal persons and organizations in anyway without the approval of the company other than for the purposes of work.

b) If the user or member learns that the documents, information and data provided by Globerry have been disclosed in violation of the contract without the consent of the company, the user or member shall be responsible for this.

c) In case of a situation contrary to this agreement, Globerry indemnifies the user and member for any material and/or non-pecuniary damages in curred.


All kinds of logos, brands, texts, graphics, sound files, texts, bookmarks, maps on the web page are referred to as content and are protected within the scope of intellectual property rights. Content; Modification, reproduction, rental, publication, lending, selling, uploading, transferring without Globerry permission is prohibited.

The content is protected by copyright laws in the Republic of Turkey and other countries.


The user is liable for all kinds of damages due to his actions and transactions contrary to the contract. The damage will be recourse to him.


The contract may be transferred to third parties. However, the contract is non-transferable by the user.


This contract becomes effective as soon as it is announced on the website. In this case, the acceptance of the contract for both the user and the members will result in the use of the site.


Special contracts may also be established regarding the service provided or the use of the site. Although the Terms of Use Agreement coincides with the specific agreement, the clauses in the special agreements apply. If there is no provision in the special contract, it is filled with this contract.


The terms of use agreement has been prepared in Turkish. Although there is a conflict between the translated languages ​​placed on the site and the Turkish contract, the Turkish text is considered valid.


In dispute arising between Globerry and the user, the Law of the Republic of Turkey will be valid. Again, the authorized court and enforcement Office are Antalya Courts and Enforcement Offices.

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