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For realtors, Globerry is an advanced technology that simplifies work and helps to keep up with the times. Countless tools have been created on our platform for professional and novice real estate agents. As a result, each of you will simplify your daily tasks, strengthen your business, focus on sales and achieve your goals together.

For our clients, Globerry is an innovative real estate company whose algorithms help analyze a huge array of transaction data for your type of property in the region you are interested in. As a result, you get an agent who is a first-class specialist in the field of real estate sales and best suits your needs.

What we can do

High-tech solutions

For realtors
For clients
Instant Online House Valuation
Based on a huge amount of data and your personal needs, we select foreign real estate for your individual request. And with the help of Cash Offer, you will definitely meet your budget.
Lead generation
Attract more potential customers with higher quality and lower costs with the help of Globerry's own tools built into our platform.
AI Powered Online CRM Platform
Our CRM will be your virtual assistant, revealing the most relevant features and automating everyday tasks so that your you or your agents can focus on sales.
Analytics for Marketers
Our AI monitors hundreds of media outlets and government websites daily, so it sorts and provides you with the latest news from critical to less important. This will help you make more informed business decisions that will affect your profits.
Brokers Support and Legal Service
By solving legal and mortgage issues on your own, you risk making mistakes that will cost time and money.
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Deals Each Year
5 out of 5the average rating of our clients
1206closed deals in 2022 year

Our platform sets the standards in real estate market

The high-tech nature of our platform has been confirmed by dozens and hundreds of successful real estate purchase and sale transactions. However, we do not stop there: we are constantly improving the knowledge of our artificial intelligence by providing it with new training materials on working with real estate.

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Globerry offers unique services for both agents and clients. Please choose what you are interested in.